2021 Projections

ROS-Composite KAN SP39224.171.3837150
ROS-RotoChamp KAN SP39223.871.4438160
Composite KAN SP143894.411.34123490
RotoChamp KAN SP1661093.901.16150560
Steamer KAN SP137894.411.39117500
ATC KAN SP1479104.301.33127510
ZiPS KAN SP1529104.671.36123510
ZiPSDC KAN SP132894.701.36107440
THE BAT KAN SP126794.451.35105410
THE BAT X KAN SP126794.451.35105410
2020 KAN SP64454.071.1761230
2021 KAN SP87375.161.5692370

Historical Stats

2021198737 5.16 1.569237 91.80
2020126445 4.07 1.176123 93.00

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