2021 Projections

ROS-Composite COL RP22114.111.4125109
ROS-RotoChamp COL RP22114.111.5025100
Composite COL RP61444.721.44632920
RotoChamp COL RP60334.201.33602215
Steamer COL RP63334.491.37722520
ATC COL RP59334.281.36612620
ZiPS COL RP41654.831.51472613
ZiPSDC COL RP63984.861.51724020
THE BAT COL RP63335.691.59553320
THE BAT X COL RP63335.691.59553320
2020 COL RP24423.721.3227106
2021 COL RP42554.481.59552116

Historical Stats

2021424255 4.48 1.595521 97.616
2020232442 3.72 1.322710 97.16

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