2023 Projections

ROS-Composite DET SP1004.252.00110
ROS-Steamer DET SP1003.521.25100
ROS-THE BAT X DET SP2004.271.33210
ROS-ZiPS DET SP1003.681.25100
ROS-ATC DET SP1003.701.32100
Composite DET SP49224.041.3545180
Steamer DET SP36223.861.3333140
ATC DET SP47223.941.3343170
RotoChamp DET SP53333.571.4051200
ZiPS DET SP36224.021.3135130
THE BAT DET SP63224.351.3656220
THE BAT X DET SP63224.351.3656220
2023 DET SP46213.121.1355130

Historical Stats

2023464621 3.12 1.135513 2
2022596333 4.00 1.336322 1
2021323510 6.17 1.602718 93.30

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