2021 Projections

ROS-Composite TB SP39224.221.3839170
ROS-RotoChamp TB SP39224.251.4137160
Composite TB SP56344.341.4158270
RotoChamp TB SP42234.501.6442250
Steamer TB SP80454.621.4082400
ATC TB SP53334.331.3956260
ZiPS TB SP85764.451.4889480
ZiPSDC TB SP51444.411.4953290
THE BAT TB SP68554.051.2669250
THE BAT X TB SP68554.051.2669250
2020 TB SP17105.261.8721140
2021 TB SP31224.331.1936100

Historical Stats

202183122 4.33 1.193610 94.40
2020111710 5.26 1.872114 96.70

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