2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA SP16113.881.251760
ROS-RotoChamp MIA SP16113.881.311760
Composite MIA SP126784.071.33131470
RotoChamp MIA SP136873.901.51162540
Steamer MIA SP124783.971.31125490
ATC MIA SP123774.041.30131460
ZiPS MIA SP124874.281.35119480
ZiPSDC MIA SP95654.251.3691370
THE BAT MIA SP123694.211.28131410
THE BAT X MIA SP123694.211.28131410
2020 MIA SP28126.111.6139130
2021 MIA SP118772.741.15138430

Historical Stats

20212211877 2.74 1.1513843 94.90
202072812 6.11 1.613913 93.60

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