2020 Projections

Composite MIL 2B20831113150.2690.3290.4950.8241663
RotoChamp MIL 2B21033123060.2810.3430.5290.8721766
Steamer MIL 2B20429113540.2720.3310.5050.8361560
ATC MIL 2B21030113150.2750.3360.5000.8361663
ZiPS MIL 2B547832786160.2710.3360.4970.83342157
THE BAT MIL 2B571812584110.2580.3200.4550.77543183
2019 MIL 2B31451194990.3030.3680.5700.93825107

Historical Stats

2019843145119499 0.303 0.368 0.570 0.93825107

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