2020 Projections

Composite WAS RF19838123930.2880.4030.5400.9433846
RotoChamp WAS RF16733103230.2870.4060.5330.9393341
Steamer WAS RF19535133830.2930.4070.5590.9663745
ATC WAS RF20239134030.2920.4060.5540.9603948
ZiPS WAS RF55911536126110.2950.4130.5650.978113127
THE BAT WAS RF19838123630.2920.4000.5450.9453644
2019 WAS RF54211034110120.2820.4010.5480.949108132

Historical Stats

20191505421103411012 0.282 0.401 0.548 0.949108132
20181164147722705 0.292 0.406 0.517 0.9237999

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