2021 Projections

ROS-Composite DET SP100474.611.3985370
ROS-RotoChamp DET SP100474.651.4089410
Composite DET SP106574.841.3790360
RotoChamp DET SP90464.601.3983350
Steamer DET SP124695.041.39102440
ATC DET SP116584.911.3599390
ZiPS DET SP98554.781.3580270
ZiPSDC DET SP96554.781.3478260
THE BAT DET SP1075104.791.3590360
THE BAT X DET SP1075104.791.3590360
2020 DET SP28037.051.4926130
2021 DET SP32134.471.3723140

Historical Stats

202163213 4.47 1.372314 95.20
202072803 7.05 1.492613 93.70

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