2021 Projections

ROS-Composite OAK SP12104.581.331140
ROS-RotoChamp OAK SP12014.831.421150
Composite OAK SP67344.161.2763190
RotoChamp OAK SP98564.501.3988370
Steamer OAK SP60344.251.2657190
ATC OAK SP63344.381.2959160
ZiPS OAK SP68324.211.2463160
ZiPSDC OAK SP31114.341.232970
THE BAT OAK SP56333.771.1455150
THE BAT X OAK SP56333.771.1455150
2020 OAK SP20122.503.50120

Historical Stats

20201201 22.50 3.5012 94.50

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