2021 Projections

ROS-Composite TEX SP10103.651.30930
ROS-RotoChamp TEX SP10103.951.40940
Composite TEX SP113674.301.35107430
RotoChamp TEX SP105753.771.1198360
Steamer TEX SP130794.661.39120500
ATC TEX SP110664.421.35103420
ZiPS TEX SP88444.411.3881360
ZiPSDC TEX SP118554.411.38109480
THE BAT TEX SP116694.321.32112420
THE BAT X TEX SP116694.321.32112420
2020 TEX SP34203.971.1235130
2021 TEX SP105584.281.4299360

Historical Stats

20212310558 4.28 1.429936 90.30
202073420 3.97 1.123513 91.80

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