2021 Projections

ROS-Composite NYY LF17430143130.2130.3510.5000.8513572
ROS-RotoChamp NYY LF16328122820.2090.3520.4660.8183467
Composite NYY LF52487409560.2140.3330.4960.82988227
RotoChamp NYY LF51084388960.2100.3280.4860.81485218
Steamer NYY LF53285399560.2110.3330.4760.80993231
ATC NYY LF50884399050.2140.3330.4980.83184217
ZiPS NYY LF41271327860.2060.3300.4950.82569187
ZiPSDC NYY LF544944210380.2060.3290.4940.82391247
THE BAT NYY LF53388409860.2150.3330.4930.82688228
THE BAT X NYY LF53387399760.2150.3340.4880.82289228
2020 NYY LF19323102620.1810.3010.3780.6792979
2021 NYY LF32957255560.2160.3710.4740.84577133

Historical Stats

20211003295725556 0.216 0.371 0.474 0.84577133
2020571932310262 0.181 0.301 0.378 0.6792979
2019702415422494 0.253 0.389 0.598 0.98652114
20181485008240923 0.206 0.312 0.498 0.81074207
20171454498541807 0.209 0.333 0.537 0.86975196
201617252111 0.040 0.200 0.160 0.360519
201536108166143 0.204 0.301 0.417 0.7171557

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