2020 Projections

Composite LAD OF39568276920.2510.3390.5190.8584898
RotoChamp LAD OF43075306620.2440.3330.5160.84950106
Steamer LAD OF37867276630.2550.3450.5320.8774692
ZIPS LAD OF40970277520.2490.3400.5130.85349104
ATC LAD OF38867266620.2480.3380.5100.8484695
THE BAT LAD OF38467267030.2500.3450.5080.8535094
2019 LAD OF45083367410.2490.3390.5380.87750111

Historical Stats

20191494508336741 0.249 0.339 0.538 0.87650111
20181483956525561 0.248 0.321 0.522 0.8434085
20171022734411354 0.212 0.331 0.407 0.7383968
20161374066425686 0.246 0.352 0.495 0.84763130
20151514806726544 0.210 0.346 0.417 0.76392170
201418281000 0.143 0.351 0.143 0.494911

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