2020 Projections

Composite CHC 3B54699298440.2750.3730.5020.87576144
RotoChamp CHC 3B571109308150.2850.3860.5200.90680150
Steamer CHC 3B565100319140.2730.3770.5060.88381150
ATC CHC 3B551102298340.2760.3760.5030.87975147
2019 CHC 3B543108317740.2820.3820.5210.90374145

Historical Stats

201914754310831774 0.282 0.382 0.521 0.90374145
20181023895913522 0.272 0.374 0.460 0.83448107
201715154911129737 0.295 0.409 0.537 0.94695128
2016155603121391028 0.292 0.385 0.554 0.93975154
201515155987269913 0.275 0.369 0.488 0.85877199

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