2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC LF40573225830.2670.3680.5060.87454113
ROS-RotoChamp CHC LF39677225720.2750.3730.5200.89352110
Composite CHC LF53890257830.2580.3580.4650.82369149
RotoChamp CHC LF52595248230.2670.3650.4760.84168143
Steamer CHC LF55293278140.2540.3580.4660.82476159
ATC CHC LF54290257520.2580.3530.4610.81466150
ZiPS CHC LF51586246730.2520.3470.4600.80762137
ZiPSDC CHC LF54491257130.2520.3480.4580.80666145
THE BAT CHC LF54585278630.2580.3590.4700.82973155
THE BAT X CHC LF54583278630.2530.3550.4640.81973155
2020 CHC LF1312041100.2060.2930.3510.6441240
2021 CHC LF12328102410.3090.4030.6671.0701834

Historical Stats

2021351232810241 0.309 0.403 0.667 1.0691834
202034131204110 0.206 0.293 0.351 0.6441240
201914754310831774 0.282 0.382 0.521 0.90374145
20181023895913522 0.272 0.374 0.460 0.83448107
201715154911129737 0.295 0.409 0.537 0.94695128
2016155603121391028 0.292 0.385 0.554 0.93975154
201515155987269913 0.275 0.369 0.488 0.85877199

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