2022 Projections

ROS-FanGraphs CHC C27943144030.2450.3450.4520.7973380
ROS-THE BAT X CHC C27945164540.2650.3560.4950.8513179
ROS-ZiPS CHC C23837123530.2470.3520.4580.8102969
Steamer CHC C50975247760.2410.3360.4360.77259157
Composite CHC C45469226850.2440.3400.4430.78353142
ATC CHC C45369226840.2460.3410.4420.78352140
THE BAT X CHC C45468236750.2510.3440.4540.79853141
2022 CHC C22340122830.2650.3810.4930.8742853
2021 CHC C41361215750.2370.3400.4380.77852138

Historical Stats

2022622234012283 0.265 0.381 0.493 0.8742853
20211284136121575 0.237 0.340 0.438 0.77852138
202057189377261 0.243 0.356 0.407 0.7632057
20191053605724641 0.272 0.355 0.533 0.88838102
20181384745010544 0.249 0.339 0.390 0.73053121
20171173775021745 0.276 0.356 0.499 0.8554598
2016762523312352 0.282 0.357 0.488 0.8452667

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