2021 Projections

ROS-Composite OAK CF18932623120.2800.3480.4390.7871539
ROS-RotoChamp OAK CF18334623120.2900.3640.4540.8181638
Composite OAK CF565831870250.2780.3300.4410.77131110
RotoChamp OAK CF540892074260.2890.3380.4780.8162898
Steamer OAK CF583791975220.2750.3280.4370.76535116
ATC OAK CF577881973250.2770.3290.4420.77131110
ZiPS OAK CF545801564250.2720.3210.4180.73925105
ZiPSDC OAK CF582851668270.2710.3210.4180.73927112
THE BAT OAK CF570801867270.2760.3300.4300.76033118
THE BAT X OAK CF569821970260.2800.3340.4430.77733119
2020 OAK CF22836627100.2810.3400.4300.7701241
2021 OAK CF24855725260.3060.4080.4440.8523560

Historical Stats

2021672485572526 0.306 0.408 0.444 0.8513560
2020612283662710 0.281 0.340 0.430 0.7701241
201913253997238225 0.295 0.342 0.503 0.8452594
201814555981207233 0.277 0.327 0.460 0.78735109
2017773094873121 0.275 0.333 0.379 0.7122063
20161294897194647 0.311 0.362 0.456 0.81823104
201515357984198130 0.287 0.337 0.444 0.78027123
201413549573135630 0.291 0.356 0.453 0.80833131
201313551083123541 0.280 0.343 0.441 0.78425138
2012471671851712 0.257 0.300 0.437 0.737850

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