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2012 Texas Rangers Projected Lineup

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1Shin-Soo ChooOFTEX514881764170.2760.3940.4440.838$2121.56 
2Elvis AndrusSSTEX52972451270.2740.3390.3530.693$1212.93 
3Prince Fielder1BTEX51176269010.2780.3790.4870.866$2525.54 
4Adrian Beltre3BTEX54877269010.2960.3470.4960.843$2929.37Injury: Tight left quad Notes: Exited game after five innings April 8; scheduled to be examined April 9. Due Back: Possibly April 11 Source:
5Alex RiosOFTEX523681469220.2750.3170.4240.742$1515.48 
6Mitch MorelandDHTEX38549175410.2550.3200.4490.769$-3-3.65 
7Leonys MartinOFTEX477631056290.2640.3210.4030.724$88.13 
8J.P. ArencibiaCatcherTEX32138154810.2210.2690.4140.683$-6-6.92 
9Donnie Murphy2BTEX1151551710.2350.2960.4350.731$-33-33.29 

Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

1Tanner ScheppersSPTEX136874.301.3710247$-5-5.32 
2Martin PerezSPTEX16310114.581.4511160$-10-10.47 
3Joe SaundersSPTEX45335.001.492615$-12-12.90Injury: Bruised left ankle Notes: Placed on 15-day DL on April 7, retroactive to April 5. Due Back: Possibly late April Source:
4Robbie RossSPTEX96543.941.358436$-4-4.39 
5Yu DarvishSPTEX1811473.181.1722467$2828.24 
6Matt HarrisonSPTEX136994.431.389444$-6-6.54Injury: Recovering from May 2013 back surgery Notes: Sent on Double-A rehab assignment April 3. Due Back: April 23 Source:
7Colby LewisSPTEX63444.711.384518$-10-10.26 
8Scott BakerSPTEX9115.001.4463$-11-11.23 
10Derek HollandSPTEX91654.051.307828$-3-3.03Injury: Recovering from January 2014 knee surgery Notes: Threw 25 pitches off mound April 2; was scheduled to throw bullpen session April 5. Due Back: Before All-Star break Source:

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Joakim SoriaRPTEX6143183.691.256220$22.32 
Neal CottsRPTEX616333.251.256924$22.08 
Alexi OgandoRPTEX523213.811.274316$-5-5.84 
Neftali FelizRPTEX3821153.551.293714$-2-2.51 
Jason FrasorRPTEX523213.981.355121$-6-6.61 
Pedro FigueroaRPTEX421215.571.673124$-16-16.89 
Nicholas TepeschRPTEX91105.001.4463$-11-11.23 

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Geovany SotoCatcherTEX1782372320.2250.3100.3930.703$-20-20.69Injury: Recovering from March 2014 knee surgery Notes: Underwent surgery on March 26; placed on 60-day DL on March 30. Due Back: Possibly mid-to-late June Source:
Robinson ChirinosCatcherTEX901121010.2330.3100.3440.654$-30-30.14 
Jurickson Profar2BTEX3604684180.2470.3230.3750.698$-8-8.61Injury: Torn muscle in right shoulder Notes: Injury did not require surgery as of April 1 update; unable to throw or swing bat as of April 5. Due Back: Possibly mid-to-late June Source:
Michael ChoiceOFTEX2563483220.2660.3330.4100.743$-20-20.05 
Josh Wilson2BTEX1761721620.2220.2630.3130.576$-31-31.46 
Engel BeltreOFTEX8291930.2560.2990.3540.653$-39-39.45Injury: Recovery from April 2014 right tibia surgery Notes: Underwent surgery April 2. Due Back: Early June Source: