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2012 Los Angeles Angels Projected Lineup

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1Kole CalhounOFLAA36549124880.2580.3210.4250.745$-5-5.15Injury: Sprained right ankle Notes: Placed on 15-day DL on April 16. Due Back: Mid-to-late May Source:
2Mike TroutOFLAA5161002582310.3060.4060.5370.943$5555.52 
3Albert Pujols1BLAA49173268440.2770.3500.4950.845$2626.86 
4Josh HamiltonOFLAA40254176040.2590.3260.4450.771$22.30Injury: Torn UCL in left thumb Notes: Was scheduled to begin working out on April 18 as of April 14 update. Due Back: Late May Source:
5David Freese3BLAA43149115320.2510.3260.3780.704$-8-8.28Injury: Right quad tightness Notes: Not in starting lineup April 18. Due Back: Day-to-day Source:
6Raul IbanezDHLAA41749186010.2300.2930.4150.708$-6-6.00 
7Howie Kendrick2BLAA487581159100.2750.3190.4070.725$1010.85 
8Erick AybarSSLAA49562749140.2690.3090.3840.693$55.07 
9Chris IannettaCatcherLAA2032572620.2120.3360.3600.696$-23-23.67 

Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

1Jered WeaverSPLAA1731293.801.2213846$1111.17 
2C.J. WilsonSPLAA1731193.801.3215666$77.38 
3Garrett RichardsSPLAA1569104.381.4211362$-7-7.62 
4Hector SantiagoSPLAA135773.931.3612158$-0-0.93 
5Tyler SkaggsSPLAA138983.981.3511653$00.48 

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Ernesto FrieriRPLAA5932283.051.177623$99.58 
Joe SmithRPLAA595343.361.255020$-0-0.34 
Kevin JepsenRPLAA503323.961.324618$-6-6.10 
Fernando SalasRPLAA503223.961.264716$-5-5.24 
Sean BurnettRPLAA231103.521.26177$-9-9.17Injury: Recovery from 2013 left elbow surgery Notes: Played catch April 14-15; expected to throw off mound soon as of April 15 update. Due Back: TBD Source:
Dane De La RosaRPLAA181104.001.39168$-10-10.31Injury: Right shoulder irritation Notes: Placed on 15-day DL on April 15. Due Back: TBD Source:

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Brennan BoeschOFLAA5161610.2350.3040.3330.637$-45-45.21 
Collin CowgillOFLAA2953563070.2410.2980.3590.657$-22-22.86 
J.B. ShuckOFLAA1822211640.2640.3200.3300.649$-33-33.73 
John McDonaldSSLAA1311321300.2290.2790.3210.599$-38-38.25 
Grant Green2BLAA5461610.2780.3160.3890.705$-38-38.98 
Hank CongerCatcherLAA2963383410.2400.2990.3750.674$-16-16.14