2016 Projections

ROS LAD RF37954135070.2640.3340.4350.7693486
Composite LAD RF48772197690.2810.3530.4640.81751112
RotoChamp LAD RF48775187080.2830.3540.4620.81650115
Steamer LAD RF506782274100.2870.3610.4940.85553111
ZiPS LAD RF50775197590.2760.3500.4710.82251119
Davenport LAD RF49173209190.2930.3710.4960.86752113
Steamer600 LAD RF529822377100.2870.3610.4940.85556116
2016 LAD RF1711951940.2460.2870.3800.667738

Historical Stats

201647171195194 0.246 0.287 0.380 0.667738
2015792823011383 0.255 0.322 0.436 0.7582666
201414855892166911 0.296 0.382 0.480 0.86367124
201310438266194211 0.319 0.391 0.534 0.9253697
Composite Projections64
Fantasy Pros Composite65
Yahoo ADP65
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