2017 Projections

ROS BAL 3B52785308860.2880.3520.5220.8745098
2017 BAL 3B78741310.2310.3300.4360.7661216
Composite BAL 3B58692329360.2900.3490.5140.86351106
RotoChamp BAL 3B59594339650.2910.3450.5160.86147100
Steamer BAL 3B576933310070.2940.3540.5280.88253101
ZIPS BAL 3B58691328670.2880.3490.5100.85953112
CAIRO BAL 3B58690308970.2850.3440.4970.84151112

Historical Stats

2017217874131 0.231 0.330 0.436 0.7661216
201615764010537960 0.294 0.343 0.533 0.87648120
2015162633102358620 0.286 0.359 0.502 0.86170111
2014823273812322 0.278 0.324 0.431 0.7552068
20131566678814716 0.283 0.314 0.432 0.74629113
201251191247262 0.262 0.294 0.445 0.739938
Yahoo ADP8
Composite Projections10
Fantasy Pros Composite10
Utility Positions

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