2017 Projections

Composite WAS OF517953194140.2840.4030.5280.931101116
RotoChamp WAS OF520993296140.2880.4010.5420.94397104
Steamer WAS OF486903091150.2860.4130.5350.948104110
CAIRO WAS OF517902990120.2790.3930.5090.90296128
2016 WAS OF506842486210.2430.3730.4410.814108117

Historical Stats

201614750684248621 0.243 0.373 0.441 0.814108117
201515352111842996 0.330 0.460 0.649 1.109124131
20141003524113322 0.273 0.344 0.423 0.76838104
201311842471205811 0.274 0.368 0.486 0.8546194
201213953398225918 0.270 0.340 0.477 0.81756120
Fantasy Pros Composite9
Composite Projections10
Yahoo ADP10
By Outfield Position

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