2017 Projections

2017 WAS RF42095298740.3190.4130.5951.0086899
Composite WAS RF517963294140.2840.4040.5340.938103120
RotoChamp WAS RF52010435100140.2940.4050.5650.97097104
Steamer WAS RF489913091150.2860.4130.5340.947105110
ZIPS WAS RF517943191150.2800.4090.5220.931111132
CAIRO WAS RF517902990120.2790.3930.5090.90296128

Historical Stats

20171114209529874 0.319 0.413 0.595 1.0086899
201614750684248621 0.243 0.373 0.441 0.814108117
201515352111842996 0.330 0.460 0.649 1.109124131
20141003524113322 0.273 0.344 0.423 0.76838104
201311842471205811 0.274 0.368 0.486 0.8546194
201213953398225918 0.270 0.340 0.477 0.81756120
Composite Projections1
Fantasy Pros Composite8
Yahoo ADP9
By Outfield Position

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