2017 Projections

ROS HOU RF497802675100.2540.3500.4650.81565142
Composite HOU RF583992884130.2590.3500.4610.81175166
RotoChamp HOU RF6051032876130.2630.3480.4600.80870151
Steamer HOU RF535902676130.2580.3560.4600.81674153
ZIPS HOU RF5831023087140.2500.3440.4600.80478186
CAIRO HOU RF583972794140.2620.3510.4600.81175166
2017 HOU RF741271300.2160.2840.5270.811619
2016 HOU RF644116298290.2610.3590.4570.81688178

Historical Stats

20171874127130 0.216 0.284 0.527 0.811619
201616264411629829 0.261 0.359 0.457 0.81588178
201510238859164116 0.276 0.367 0.459 0.82650109
2014782954520515 0.231 0.336 0.468 0.80439114
Fantasy Pros Composite30
Yahoo ADP32
Composite Projections32
By Outfield Position

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