2017 Projections

Composite MIA OF527974711430.2730.3650.5960.96173156
RotoChamp MIA OF520954611020.2690.3600.5900.95070155
Steamer MIA OF538994811830.2800.3740.6040.97878159
2017 MIA OF5971235913220.2810.3760.6311.00785163

Historical Stats

2017159597123591322 0.281 0.376 0.631 1.00785163
20161194135627740 0.240 0.326 0.489 0.81550140
2015742794727674 0.265 0.346 0.606 0.9523495
2014145539893710513 0.288 0.395 0.555 0.95094170
20131164256224621 0.249 0.365 0.480 0.84574140
20121234497537866 0.290 0.361 0.608 0.96946143
20111505167934875 0.262 0.356 0.537 0.89370166
20101003594522595 0.259 0.326 0.507 0.83334123
Composite Projections6
Fantasy Pros Composite34
Yahoo ADP37
By Outfield Position

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