2017 Projections

ROS CHC 1B28652174840.2760.3860.5210.9074250
2017 CHC 1B27946174950.2580.3890.4980.8874837
Composite CHC 1B54890319880.2830.3760.5270.90371103
RotoChamp CHC 1B552903010280.2840.3730.5250.8986289
Steamer CHC 1B53491319870.2790.3810.5210.90275103
ZIPS CHC 1B548913210480.2810.3740.5310.90575110
CAIRO CHC 1B54886298680.2810.3690.5150.88469109

Historical Stats

2017762794617495 0.258 0.389 0.498 0.8874837
201615558394321093 0.292 0.385 0.544 0.92874108
2015160586943110117 0.278 0.387 0.512 0.89978105
20141405248932785 0.286 0.386 0.527 0.91373116
20131606067123806 0.233 0.323 0.419 0.74276127
2012873374415483 0.285 0.342 0.463 0.8052762
2011491289192 0.141 0.281 0.242 0.5232146
Fantasy Pros Composite11
Yahoo ADP11
Composite Projections12
Utility Positions

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