2017 Projections

Composite WAS C38142145010.2490.3060.4090.7152981
RotoChamp WAS C38241155410.2540.3070.4210.7282775
Steamer WAS C34339124510.2450.3030.4020.7052775
ZIPS WAS C38140145410.2490.3030.4090.7122880
CAIRO WAS C38144144310.2550.3110.4150.7263083
2016 WAS C42348176610.2430.3020.4090.7113285

Historical Stats

20161244234817661 0.243 0.302 0.409 0.7113285
201575258248250 0.267 0.319 0.422 0.7422167
201426104135180 0.308 0.339 0.500 0.839619
20131485235922792 0.235 0.287 0.417 0.70443104
20121445266723833 0.249 0.329 0.435 0.76460112
20111395007222681 0.262 0.328 0.450 0.7784884
20101304463711550 0.249 0.319 0.377 0.6954794
200996354359430 0.288 0.340 0.412 0.7532886
Fantasy Pros Composite256
Composite Projections294
Yahoo ADP319
By Outfield Position

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