2016 Projections

ROS WAS SP1331052.661.11162290
Composite WAS SP1661273.141.10187380
RotoChamp WAS SP1661273.311.10192370
Steamer WAS SP1851392.931.06209420
ZIPS WAS SP1701472.921.07194370
Davenport WAS SP1771283.361.12190430
Steamer600 WAS SP20014102.931.06227450
2016 WAS SP67802.791.0786180

Historical Stats

2016106780 2.79 1.068618 2.35 2.64 95.0 12.0% 78.8%0.3080
201523127117 3.46 1.1115526 2.81 2.69 95.4 11.2% 70.7%0.3110
2014342151411 3.14 1.1224243 2.94 2.56 94.7 11.2% 74.8%0.3150
20133018389 3.00 1.0519156 3.21 3.15 95.2 10.6% 73.2%0.2630
201228159156 3.16 1.1519748 2.82 2.81 95.8 11.2% 75.5%0.3110
201152411 1.50 0.71242 1.28 2.43 96.0 11.0% 70.6%0.2420
2010126853 2.91 1.079217 2.08 2.04 97.6 12.5% 72.7%0.3190
Yahoo ADP40
Fantasy Pros Composite47
Composite Projections62

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