2017 Projections

ROS COL 3B31353195620.2940.3510.5650.9162755
2017 COL 3B31250155920.2920.3440.5480.8922459
Composite COL 3B600953711030.2900.3460.5550.9014999
RotoChamp COL 3B6021033912320.2920.3440.5680.9124691
Steamer COL 3B577913310440.2900.3480.5370.8855097
ZIPS COL 3B600873911220.2920.3460.5680.9144898
CAIRO COL 3B60097359730.2870.3420.5380.88049105

Historical Stats

2017793125015592 0.292 0.344 0.548 0.8922459
2016160618116411332 0.294 0.362 0.570 0.93268103
201515761697421302 0.287 0.323 0.575 0.89834110
20141114325818612 0.287 0.328 0.500 0.8282558
20131334864910522 0.267 0.301 0.405 0.7062372
Composite Projections3
Fantasy Pros Composite4
Yahoo ADP5
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