2016 Projections

ROS LAA CF641341220.3130.4290.5941.0231217
Composite LAA CF55810736103160.3010.4010.5660.96791149
RotoChamp LAA CF55810935102140.2970.3950.5590.95487156
Steamer LAA CF54210336104150.3060.4090.5840.99389138
ZiPS LAA CF57411037101190.2940.4010.5750.97697154
Davenport LAA CF54810034108170.3060.4110.5750.98688146
Steamer600 LAA CF503963397140.3060.4090.5840.99383128
2016 LAA CF5091132790260.3180.4360.5540.990102127

Historical Stats

2016146509113279026 0.318 0.436 0.554 0.990102127
2015159575104419011 0.299 0.402 0.590 0.99192158
20141576021153611116 0.287 0.377 0.561 0.93983184
2013157589109279733 0.323 0.432 0.557 0.988110136
2012139559129308349 0.326 0.399 0.564 0.96367139
201140123205164 0.220 0.281 0.390 0.672930
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