2016 Projections

Composite NYY CF38552104490.2440.3190.3790.6984294
RotoChamp NYY CF38550942100.2490.3220.3710.6934187
Steamer NYY CF2933683470.2470.3240.3880.7123367
ZiPS NYY CF442601351110.2380.3130.3910.70449117
Davenport NYY CF2743873260.2400.3170.3850.7023070
Steamer600 NYY CF530651462130.2470.3240.3880.71259121

Historical Stats

201615221020 0.091 0.167 0.091 0.25823
20159735248113313 0.256 0.323 0.398 0.7213466
201469186221184 0.215 0.341 0.274 0.6153656
201381281378279 0.192 0.259 0.338 0.5972484
Fantasy Pros Composite344
Composite Projections509
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