2015 Troy Tulowitzki Projections
Toronto Blue Jays (SS)

2015 Rest of Season Projections

CompositeROS TOR SS1903093110.3050.3760.5110.8872138
SteamerROS TOR SS20031103210.2980.3680.5070.8752240
ZIPSROS TOR SS1802893110.3100.3770.5250.9021934
RotoChampROS TOR SS1863093000.3120.3800.5210.9012038

2015 Projections

Composite TOR SS44575257720.3080.3890.5390.9285779
RotoChamp TOR SS44579277610.3080.3970.5510.9486480
Steamer TOR SS41968227320.3020.3830.5250.9095376
ZIPS TOR SS40066237030.3130.3890.5530.9424968
CAIRO TOR SS36561206020.3180.4000.5500.9504569
Davenport TOR SS40768237320.2950.3800.5380.9185171
Steamer600 TOR SS52385289130.3020.3830.5250.9096694
RotoChamp600 TOR SS53487268610.3130.3820.5220.90458110

Historical Stats

2015863184612520 0.305 0.353 0.478 0.8312472
2014913157121521 0.340 0.432 0.603 1.0355057
20131264467225821 0.312 0.391 0.540 0.9315785
201247181338272 0.287 0.360 0.486 0.8461919
201114353781301059 0.302 0.372 0.544 0.9165979
201012247089279511 0.315 0.381 0.568 0.9494878
2009151543101329220 0.297 0.377 0.552 0.93073112
2008101377488461 0.263 0.332 0.401 0.7323856
200715560910424997 0.291 0.359 0.479 0.83857130
2006259615163 0.240 0.318 0.292 0.6091025
Fantasy Pros Composite17
Yahoo ADP20
Composite Projections31
Utility Positions

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