2017 Projections

Composite NYM OF54881309240.2760.3290.5020.83141119
RotoChamp NYM OF55285319550.2830.3340.5180.85239112
Steamer NYM OF54877298940.2720.3300.4940.82444127
2016 NYM OF47972318630.2800.3540.5300.88451108

Historical Stats

20161324797231863 0.280 0.354 0.530 0.88451108
2015159633101351057 0.291 0.328 0.542 0.87033141
201415260089221007 0.260 0.301 0.450 0.75135128
20131355297426807 0.240 0.294 0.442 0.73737137
201212948770238216 0.292 0.356 0.505 0.86143102
Composite Projections32
Fantasy Pros Composite37
Yahoo ADP37
By Outfield Position

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