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RotoChamp Draft Software Features

Are you ready to dominate your draft?

Main Features

  • 100% customizable stats or choose from multiple projection systems
  • Unlimited league setup flexibility to accomodate nearly all formats
  • Dynamically generated values depending on your projections and league setup
  • Play in 10 leagues with 10 different formats? Each league has uniquely generated player valuations and rankings
  • Auction leagues have dynamically generated player values and inflation adjustments as players are drafted.
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Player Projections Screen

  • 100% customizable stats from 900+ players
  • Over 50 stat categories from which to choose
  • View projections from different systems (RotoChamp, CAIRO, Steamer, and Composite)
  • Multiple filtering options (Position, Available, Drafted, Manager, MLB Team, etc...) to show you the players you need to see
  • Ability to keep notes on each player
  • Sortable player grid and the ability to order the stat columns to fit your needs.
  • Hide/Show only the stat columns that you want to see
  • Color coded grid to easily show available/drafted players (including special highlighting for your players)
  • Dynamically generated player values based on your league parameters
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Position Rankings Screen

  • Helps you identify the best available player to draft based on their value and positional strength index
  • Quickly spot crucial tier drop offs to maximize your draft selection
  • Top 900+ rankings based on your league parameters and your customized stats
  • Sort rankings by value, strength index, or any of the major stat categories to easily find the player that fits your needs
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Manager QuickView

  • Powerful screen showing your progress towards categories targets that the system sets optimally for your league (or set your own targets)
  • Quickly recognize the categories that are lagging in your draft and use the Position Rankings screen to identify the best player to fit your needs
  • View your roster and positional needs
  • Ability to view your opponents needs so that you can anticipate their next move and adjust accordingly
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Projected Standings

  • View standings and category totals for your league
  • Updated real-time as you draft players so you can see what categories might be lagging
  • Instant feedback when doing mock drafts to prepare for your live draft
  • Identify where you might need help and use as a platform for deal-making
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Manager Rosters

  • Easy to manage grid layout of rosters
  • Drag and drop players from your bench to your lineup and vice versa, as well as moving players from one team to another
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Draft Results

  • Grid showing draft results (or list for auctions)
  • Also view the results as a straight list
  • Drag and drop ability to move players
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Team Summary

  • Shows the relevant stats for each player on your team
  • Filter by manager to target potential after-draft deals
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MLB Depth Charts/Lineups

  • Quickly view the projected lineup/rotation and depth chart of each MLB team
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