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Draft Signings: Thomas Eshelman, Bryan Hudson
from MLBTradeRumors.com at 7/4/2015 2:30:00 AM

Chicago Cubs Minor League Wrap: July 3
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/4/2015 1:45:00 AM

Cubs Acquire Lefty Clayton Richard from Pirates, and He’ll Start Tomorrow Against Marlins
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 10:00:00 PM

#Cubs acquire Richard from Pirates
from Muskat.mlblogs.com at 7/3/2015 9:59:00 PM

Cubs Acquire Clayton Richard From Pirates
from MLBTradeRumors.com at 7/3/2015 9:37:00 PM

Enhanced Box Score: Marlins 2, Cubs 1 – July 3, 2015
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 9:19:00 PM

Cubs can't pick up steam for solid Hammel
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 9:00:00 PM

Angels Acquire Rafael Lopez From Cubs
from MLBTradeRumors.com at 7/3/2015 8:13:00 PM

Harry back to sing Friday at #Cubs game
from Muskat.mlblogs.com at 7/3/2015 8:07:00 PM

Vote For The BCB Minor League Pitcher Of The Month For June
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 8:00:00 PM

Cubs deal for veteran left-hander Richard
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 7:35:00 PM

Richard ready to make Cubs debut vs. Marlins
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 7:10:00 PM

Cubs Trade Rafael Lopez to Angels for Pitching Prospect and IFA Slot
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 7:09:00 PM

Wrigley Bleachers Fully Open With Lots Of New Food Choices
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 6:15:00 PM

Pre-Gamin': Marlins v. Cubs (1:20 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, Game Thread
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 5:45:00 PM

Marlins 2, Cubs 1: The One That Got Away
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 5:16:00 PM

Is Jason Motte Kinda Sorta the Closer Now?
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 5:05:00 PM

Cubs Acquire Clayton Richard; He'll Start Saturday
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 4:55:00 PM

Cubs Record, Stats, Upcoming Schedule
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 4:39:00 PM

Cubs use Caray video for 7th-inning stretch
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 4:35:00 PM

Overflow Thread 3: Cubs vs. Marlins, Friday 7/3, 1:20 CT
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 4:05:00 PM

Cubs Reportedly Among Four Teams Scouting Scott Kazmir’s Start Last Night
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 3:55:00 PM

Cubs reach deals with 5 of top 30 int'l prospects
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 3:50:00 PM

Zagunis, Pimentel win Cubs' monthly awards
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 3:50:00 PM

Overflow Thread 2: Cubs vs. Marlins, Friday 7/3, 1:20 CT
from BleedCubbieBlue.com at 7/3/2015 3:20:00 PM

Jake Arrieta Has Been Dominant Since Coming to the Cubs, and Was Again Yesterday (VIDEOS)
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 2:59:00 PM

#Cubs Minor League report: Happ hits GW HR
from Muskat.mlblogs.com at 7/3/2015 2:54:00 PM

Cubs bring Hot Doug's to Wrigley Field
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 2:40:00 PM

YOUNG CUBS: The Joy of Eloy
from Wrigleyville.BaseballProspectus.com at 7/3/2015 2:37:00 PM

Did the Cubs Just Do Something They Haven’t Done in 130 Years? And Other Bullets
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 1:51:00 PM

Series Preview: Marlins v. Cubs, July 3 – July 5, 2015
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 1:11:00 PM

Cubs Minor League Daily: Notes On Eugene, Loaded with New Prospect Talent
from BleacherNation.com at 7/3/2015 12:25:00 PM

Why the Cubs Should Target a Struggling Samardzija
from Wrigleyville.BaseballProspectus.com at 7/3/2015 12:01:00 PM

All-Star starters unveiled Sunday, full rosters Monday
from MLB.com at 7/3/2015 10:32:00 AM

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