2016 Projections

ROS CHC RP25111.581.00421013
Composite CHC RP50322.521.12802325
RotoChamp CHC RP50221.981.08902325
Steamer CHC RP55322.241.02852418
ZIPS CHC RP62522.471.131012931
Davenport CHC RP45323.601.29582223
Steamer600 CHC RP65422.241.021012833
2016 CHC RP32301.950.8846820

Historical Stats

2016323230 1.95 0.87468 1.84 2.27 100.1 18.2% 79.4%0.26920
2015656644 1.63 1.1511633 1.94 2.49 99.5 19.3% 88.5%0.33133
2014545403 2.00 0.8310624 0.89 1.20 100.2 20.0% 76.8%0.29036
2013686345 2.54 1.0411229 2.47 2.07 98.4 16.3% 86.2%0.28038
2012687155 1.51 0.8112223 1.55 1.93 98.0 17.9% 86.9%0.25238
2011545041 3.60 1.307141 3.29 3.47 98.1 13.9% 71.7%0.2421
2010151322 2.03 1.05195 1.35 1.72 99.6 14.9% 71.4%0.3330
Yahoo ADP89
Fantasy Pros Composite96
Composite Projections163

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