2016 Projections

ROS WAS 2B42660115750.3120.3550.4720.8272747
Composite WAS 2B51166116380.2920.3350.4270.7623262
RotoChamp WAS 2B51167116270.2900.3330.4290.7623255
Steamer WAS 2B4936195860.3040.3470.4330.7793155
ZiPS WAS 2B565761274100.2850.3250.4230.7483468
Davenport WAS 2B57472127390.2940.3350.4320.7673381
Steamer600 WAS 2B55469106670.3040.3470.4330.7793562
2016 WAS 2B1752673010.3940.4260.6171.0431021

Historical Stats

201646175267301 0.394 0.426 0.617 1.0431021
20151304995614732 0.281 0.322 0.449 0.7703138
20141435967995713 0.289 0.332 0.403 0.7343986
201316165892137823 0.286 0.319 0.415 0.7333295
20121565716266510 0.291 0.332 0.403 0.7353682
2011109391496495 0.320 0.362 0.448 0.8092442
20091555086012634 0.266 0.313 0.427 0.7413869
200849131242170 0.313 0.397 0.473 0.8711828
Composite Projections132
Yahoo ADP145
Fantasy Pros Composite179
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