2017 Projections

Composite TOR OF49285298440.2480.3620.4780.8408698
RotoChamp TOR OF49888319150.2510.3590.4960.8558187
Steamer TOR OF49984298040.2510.3710.4750.84793111
2016 TOR OF42368226920.2340.3660.4520.81787103

Historical Stats

20161164236822692 0.234 0.366 0.452 0.81787103
2015153543108401148 0.250 0.377 0.536 0.913110106
2014155553101351036 0.286 0.403 0.524 0.92810496
20131184528228737 0.259 0.358 0.498 0.8566984
2012923326427655 0.241 0.358 0.527 0.8865963
2011149513105431039 0.302 0.447 0.608 1.056132111
2010161569109541249 0.260 0.378 0.617 0.995100116
20091133365413404 0.235 0.349 0.408 0.7575685
20081283704515541 0.238 0.313 0.405 0.7184091
20071425327515636 0.254 0.339 0.414 0.75368101
20061174005816512 0.235 0.335 0.420 0.75546110
200511283011 0.143 0.226 0.179 0.40437
200464886020 0.205 0.263 0.239 0.502740
Fantasy Pros Composite14
Yahoo ADP15
By Outfield Position
Utility Positions

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