2016 Projections

ROS NYM SP106942.521.06122210
Composite NYM SP1871293.181.12202470
RotoChamp NYM SP1871282.981.07204390
Steamer NYM SP18612103.141.10204480
ZIPS NYM SP1721283.091.10194430
Davenport NYM SP155983.551.20154430
Steamer600 NYM SP20013113.141.10220520
2016 NYM SP94832.491.06115150

Historical Stats

2016169483 2.49 1.0611515 1.91 2.29 98.2 15.1% 76.6%0.3350
20152415097 3.24 1.0516631 3.25 2.91 97.1 12.2% 75.0%0.2790
Yahoo ADP50
Composite Projections51
Fantasy Pros Composite53

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