2017 Projections

ROS SEA SP1491172.971.23146380
Composite SEA SP16810103.701.30153500
RotoChamp SEA SP1671093.341.31154480
Steamer SEA SP1711193.471.23161510
ZIPS SEA SP16810103.961.30155500
CAIRO SEA SP1688104.121.35145510
2017 SEA SP25201.780.883050
2016 SEA SP121673.791.31117240

Historical Stats

201742520 1.78 0.87305 1.16 2.75 95.7 14.4% 77.3%0.2700
20162012167 3.79 1.3111724 2.80 3.35 96.8 11.7% 66.3%0.3470
2015136734 3.90 1.435629 4.31 4.35 94.2 7.2% 73.1%0.2890
2014137464 3.04 1.205929 3.28 3.54 94.4 7.9% 71.1%0.2700
201342430 1.50 0.92217 3.26 3.08 94.3 9.4% 88.5%0.2030
Fantasy Pros Composite155
Yahoo ADP155
Composite Projections171

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