2016 Projections

ROS HOU 2B32051843200.3250.3770.4780.8552432
Composite HOU 2B601861157340.3110.3490.4340.7833363
RotoChamp HOU 2B601871258350.3110.3490.4430.7923261
Steamer HOU 2B630921163370.3070.3500.4310.7813865
ZiPS HOU 2B644851164400.3090.3460.4320.7783467
Davenport HOU 2B626921048320.3200.3590.4400.7993269
Steamer600 HOU 2B55281955330.3070.3500.4310.7813357
2016 HOU 2B297541344180.3470.4250.5620.9873831

Historical Stats

20167629754134418 0.347 0.425 0.562 0.9873831
201515463886156638 0.313 0.353 0.459 0.8123367
20141586608575956 0.341 0.377 0.453 0.8303653
20131526266455235 0.283 0.316 0.363 0.6783285
20121475768073733 0.290 0.340 0.399 0.7404074
201157221262127 0.276 0.297 0.357 0.654529
Composite Projections7
Fantasy Pros Composite12
Yahoo ADP14
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