2016 Projections

ROS LAD SP6101.270.83710
Composite LAD SP2151762.220.97259440
RotoChamp LAD SP2151852.180.97261430
Steamer LAD SP2171772.090.94265430
ZIPS LAD SP2151852.010.92265410
Davenport LAD SP2091772.581.03239490
Steamer600 LAD SP2001572.090.94244400
2016 LAD SP1491241.690.72172110

Historical Stats

201621149124 1.69 0.7217211 1.80 2.28 93.1 15.3% 80.0%0.2540
201533232167 2.13 0.8830142 1.99 2.09 93.6 15.9% 78.3%0.2810
201427198213 1.77 0.8623931 1.81 2.08 92.9 14.1% 81.6%0.2780
201333236169 1.83 0.9223252 2.39 2.88 92.5 11.4% 80.6%0.2510
201233227149 2.53 1.0222963 2.89 3.25 93.0 11.0% 77.9%0.2620
201133233215 2.28 0.9824854 2.47 2.84 93.2 11.1% 78.6%0.2690
2010322041310 2.91 1.1821281 3.12 3.64 92.5 10.1% 76.2%0.2750
20093117188 2.79 1.2318591 3.08 3.85 94.0 10.0% 77.5%0.2690
20082210755 4.26 1.5010052 4.08 3.91 94.3 8.7% 75.7%0.3200
Yahoo ADP4
Composite Projections4
Fantasy Pros Composite4

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