2017 Projections

Composite CHC RP59332.751.10672135
RotoChamp CHC RP56332.571.04652034
Steamer CHC RP65333.061.14722239
2016 CHC RP43211.871.14471627

Historical Stats

2016454321 1.87 1.134716 2.29 3.68 94.9 13.1% 82.7%0.30027
2015696781 0.94 0.797820 2.29 3.07 95.9 11.6% 92.2%0.20017
2014717292 1.00 0.8510923 1.19 1.93 95.6 14.1% 87.5%0.2643
201331135811 5.32 1.6811458 4.18 4.15 92.5 7.3% 67.6%0.3610
2012547030 2.43 1.098729 2.78 3.24 93.7 12.0% 81.4%0.2640
2011291841110 4.45 1.3810563 4.67 4.82 91.8 5.9% 72.1%0.2800
2010291681210 4.07 1.3511362 4.79 4.61 92.5 6.3% 78.1%0.2720
200963622 3.72 1.273613 2.90 3.49 91.9 8.8% 62.5%0.3130
Yahoo ADP62
Fantasy Pros Composite70
Composite Projections107

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