2016 Projections

ROS BOS DH2141300.2860.3750.5240.89934
Composite BOS DH46067278710.2630.3520.4980.8506388
RotoChamp BOS DH46081278210.2630.3560.4960.8526683
Steamer BOS DH47575258410.2740.3590.4980.8576391
ZiPS BOS DH45552308900.2640.3500.5230.8736390
Davenport BOS DH45062259510.2570.3450.4860.8316088
Steamer600 BOS DH52382289310.2740.3590.4980.85770101
2016 BOS DH522773712420.3180.4030.6261.0297782

Historical Stats

201614652277371242 0.318 0.403 0.626 1.0297782
201514652873371080 0.273 0.360 0.553 0.9137795
201414251859351040 0.263 0.355 0.517 0.8737595
201313751884301034 0.309 0.395 0.564 0.9597688
2012903246523600 0.318 0.415 0.611 1.0265651
20111465258429961 0.309 0.398 0.554 0.9537883
201014551886321020 0.270 0.370 0.529 0.89982145
20091505417728990 0.238 0.332 0.462 0.79474134
20081094167423891 0.264 0.369 0.507 0.8777074
2007149549116351173 0.332 0.445 0.621 1.066111103
2006151558115541371 0.287 0.413 0.636 1.049119117
2005159601119471481 0.300 0.397 0.604 1.001102124
200415058294411390 0.301 0.380 0.603 0.98375133
200312844879311010 0.288 0.369 0.592 0.9615883
20021254125220751 0.272 0.339 0.500 0.8394387
2001893034618481 0.234 0.324 0.475 0.7994068
20001304155910631 0.282 0.364 0.446 0.8105781
Fantasy Pros Composite68
Yahoo ADP80
Composite Projections80
By Outfield Position
Utility Positions

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